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  • Skoda Superb Rubber Mats

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    Rear rubber foot mats 
    Made of quality TPE plastic, the rear rubber foot mats are surely going to be put to good use for those who often have passengers in their back seats, especially during the winter season when the car‘s interior suffers the most. Thanks to their accurate shape, they fill the shape under the passengers‘ feet perfectly. They entrap dirt and humidity and their surface is easy to clean and not slippery. The rear mats are loosely placed onto the floor of your car. Their main feature is a 3 cm raised edge that prevents dirt from ending up on the floor.
    A foot mat can be removed at any time to dispose of all the water and dirt in it. It is ideal to combine the rear mats with the rubber mats via a tunnel in order to optimise the floor protection. The foot mats have proven their durability and mechanical resilience in a rigorous test. Attention! There may only be one foot mat on the floor. Stacking the mats on top of each other is not allowed. 
    Fastening: The mats are attached by latching the hardened sheathes onto the floor pins.