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  • Skoda Smart Holder - Coat Hanger

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    Smart Holder – hanger 
    To make your life easier when travelling, the ŠKODA Original Accessories range includes a practical but incredibly stylish hanger to enhance your interior. Those who like to make a good impression after a long journey and look smart at all times will really appreciate this hanger, which will keep your coat, jacket or shirt free of creases throughout the journey. The hanger‘s precision workmanship, with its striking design, ensures that any clothing you take with you is held securely in place.
    Attaching the hanger is easy – simply secure it in the adaptor fitted to the metal rods in the front headrest. Thanks to its clever design, it is very easy to remove. The safety and functional parameters of the headrest remain virtually unchanged by the use of the hanger. 
    REQUIRES 3V0061128