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  • Skoda Octavia Rubber Mats

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    Rubber foot mats
    These easy-to-insert rubber foot mats from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range are an ideal addition to any vehicle – especially during inclement weather, when the vehicle interior is really put to the test. Made from a high-quality rubber compound , they are perfect for the job. Thanks to their custom-fit shape, they perfectly cover the footwell floor. The mats trap any dirt and moisture , and are non-slip and easy to wash. The key benefit of these rubber mats is the raised edge, which is able to keep any moisture and dirt on the mat.
    The mats can be taken out and cleaned at any time, using a commercially available cleaning agent, if required. Rigorous performance tests – carried out by ŠKODA as part of a long-range test drive of more than 30,000 km – have shown the mats to have a long service life and excellent resistance to wear and tear. The front mats are secured to the floor of the vehicle using reinforced eyelets which are fitted onto studs. This means that, in any driving situation, the mats remain in the correct position. They can be changed simply by removing the old mats and laying the new ones in place. For safety reasons, placing mats on top of one another is prohibited.