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  • Skoda Octavia Rubber Boot Mat

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    Rubber boot mat 
    The rubber boot mat from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range is another practical extra for the equipment specification. The mat helps to keep the luggage compartment clean and pleasant. Furthermore, it prevents transported items and luggage from sliding around. The mat fits perfectly into the luggage compartment, is easy to insert and does not need to be secured. The mat traps any dirt and moisture, so even dirty items such as shoes, sports equipment, gardening tools and plant trimmings, paints, etc., can be transported.
    When it gets dirty, you can simply take it out and tap off the dirt, or clean it using a commercially available cleaning agent, if required. Having successfully passed a performance test for durability – carried out by ŠKODA as part of a long-range test drive of more than 30,000 km – this mat has proven itself in terms of quality and longevity.