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  • Skoda Lockable Luggage Box

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    Lockable ski, snowboard and luggage box 
    Modern, light, large enough and practical - these are the main traits of the roof cargo box from the ŠKODA Original Accessories portfolio. Its unique design makes it appear very elegant, while its aerodynamically sound profile minimizes air resistance and the noise it produces. The optimized shape with lowered bottom has a positive effect on driving stability and limits vibrations.
    By using the roof cargo box, you solve a common problem when transporting ski, snowboards, baby carriages, golf carts or other unwieldy objects that don´t fit into the luggage compartment of a fully seated car when driving to pursue winter or summer sports. It is usable on all ŠKODA types equipped with the basic roof bearing element a.k.a. the T-slot channel. The roof carrier with enclosed carrier profile can fit this box using U-straps. The volume of this roof cargo box is 380 litres, capable of holding 5 pairs of ski or 4 snowboards. The box is made of resistant plastic with a special UV protected finish which makes it look as good as new all the time. It is equipped with a central safety lock that controls several locking points. 
    The U-bolts needed for rectangular roof bars are not included in the set and must be ordered individually (order no. 5L0 071 752) if required. 
    In case of loss any of the keys or damage the lock: Spare lock and 2 keys for roof box / 5L6 071 220