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  • Skoda Lockable Bicycle Carrier

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    Lockable bicycle rack
    The bicycle rack in the ŠKODA Original Accessories range provides a secure means of transporting bicycles, for example when embarking on a cycling holiday over the summer. This accessory is not only guaranteed not to damage your vehicle, but it is also completely safe to use: Fitting the rack does not impact how the car handles, meaning that any warranty claims to which you are entitled will remain unaffected. The bicycle rack's unique design, high-quality workmanship and proven construction make it easy to mount your bicycle on the roof of your vehicle, secure it in place, and take it down again later. The rack can be locked to provide your bicycle with better protection against attempted theft.
    It can be fitted either to the oval roof bars using the T-groove on the roof rack or to the rectangular roof bars. One of the great advantages of this rack is that it is made from aluminium, which is lightweight and therefore does not exert stress on the roof of the vehicle. Securing the bicycle frame to the rack is easy and a firm hold is achieved using a folding lever. Hard-wearing, premium-quality plastic straps are provided for securing the rims to the tyres.
    The bicycle rack has passed the relevant load tests and safety tests. The maximum roof load permitted on the vehicle (including the basic rack, bicycle rack and bicycle(s) being transported) can be found in the registration document for your vehicle. For safety reasons, the maximum permitted roof load must not be exceeded.
    Bike and Roof Racks Not Included