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  • Skoda Karoq Rubber Mats

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    All-weather interior mats
    24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your ŠKODA KAROQ is always prepared to hit the road, regardless of the season and weather. However, in bad weather the car´s interior may get soiled with impurities trapped on the car occupants´ clothes and shoes.
    Made of thermoplastic elastomers, these all-weather interior mats are designed to perfectly protect the vehicle´s floor.
    The mats´ top-class material and sufficiently high side walls prevent dirt such as dust, sand, gravel, mud, water, snow, etc. from getting to the floor, and their unique shape perfectly fills the space under the car occupants´ feet.
    Moreover, the mats can be taken out easily and cleaned using ordinary detergents. Stringent material-strain (lab) tests and long-term road tests have proven the mats´ high resistance to mechanical strain in both dry and wet conditions. These anti-slip mats will help you keep your interior clean and tidy while protecting the vehicle´s floor against undesired impacts - all year long.
    The mats are fixed in place by snapping the reinforced circular recesses on the floor pins. The mats´ proper positioning needs to be checked before each trip. When replacing the mats, the original mats are taken out first and only then the new ones are placed in. Layering the mats up and driving with the front mats not fixed in place is prohibited for safety reasons.