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    Netting system – black 
    Generously-sized luggage compartments are one of the key (and long-standing) benefits offered by ŠKODA vehicles. This variable netting system makes it possible to make maximum use of the boot´s capacity for safe transportation of various objects.
    Each of the nets will reliably fix transported objects in place to prevent undesired movement, including in sudden direction changes.
    Moreover, by properly fixing such transported objects in their position, you can prevent car occupant injuries in the event of an accident, and you do not have to worry about people´s reactions when you open the boot. The netting system will help you neatly store any objects in a place where nobody would expect them and keep your boot tidy.
    The nets are made of an elastic material to prevent any deformation of the transported loads. Once hung on the metal eyelets and hooks, the net perfectly adapts to the boot´s shape. Stringent material-strain and long-term road tests have proven the product´s guaranteed properties.
    The netting system is an indispensable tool in transporting any objects, as it increases the user´s comfort in organising the transported load, prevents damage to the load and, last but not least, protects the car occupants against injuries that may be caused by loose objects in the event of an accident. The netting system is guaranteed to surpass all your expectations around safe and efficient transportation of various loads.