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  • Net Under The Retractable Cover

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    Net under the retractable cover 
    The net under the retractable cover from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range is the perfect addition to any vehicle‘s luggage compartment, as it offers even more storage space for all of those little item in your boot. It can be fitted very easily by simply inserting the net‘s supporting rods into the movable hooks on the attachment bars in the luggage compartment.
    The elastic netting material that makes up this handy net is subjected to ŠKODA‘s quality and strength tests. Soft items without sharp edges (such as umbrellas, coats and gloves) can be stored on the net. The nature of this type of material means that the netting may start to sag after it has been used for a long time. The net must never be used to stow heavy items as this may damage it (the netting may be ripped out of the seams).
    The net has a maximum load capacity of 1.5 kg. If items are placed on the net, the luggage compartment must always be covered by the retractable cover (for safety reasons - risky of injury in the event of a sudden braking manoeuvre).