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  • Skoda Karoq Boot Tray Divider

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    Please note that the sale is for the Aluminium divider only, and that the plastic boot dish ( Part 565061162) is sold separately.

    Genuine Skoda Partition is a convenient accessory that provides, a better overview of the stored items.
    By simply plugging into skimmed grooves in the elevated edge of the tub to create separated compartments for objects being transported. This will prevent their free movement on the trunk, and thus its possible damages, for example in turnings or by heavy braking. Location of the partition is variable over the entire length of the plastic tub and several partitions can be placed to the tub simultaneously. Using this ALU partition you will always have certainty of smoothness and continuous division of transported items in the trunk of the car even during spirited driving style. However, always keep in mind that the partition only serves for division of the space in plastic tub and not as a substitution for security and fixture of transported items.

    Part number: 565017254