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  • Skoda Kodiaq Fold-out Boot Mat

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    Fold-out boot mat with cover 
    Practical additions to the luggage compartment not only increase a vehicle‘s storage capacity but also ensure that it stays clean. The Fold-out boot mat with cover in the ŠKODA Original Accessories range is a perfect example of this: The mat helps to keep the luggage compartment clean even when transporting relatively long items that are dirty – the mat can simply be folded out of the rear seat back when this is folded forwards. The part that folds out over the rear bumper also protects the vehicle from getting dirty when loading items into and unloading items from the boot. Only the fabric side of the mat can be seen when folded up, which prevents dirt on the rubber side from escaping and soiling the luggage compartment. When dirty, the mat can simply be taken out and beaten or wiped down with a damp cloth, if required. The mat fits perfectly into the luggage compartment and does not need to be secured in place.