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    Basic roof rack
    The basic roof rack is ideal when even the oversized luggage compartment typical of ŠKODA vehicles is not large enough to accommodate the items you wish to transport. On account of its quality, proven reliability and ease of use, the roof rack is the best solution for transporting bulky items (e.g. sports equipment). Knowing that this is the case allows the occupants to relax, even when the vehicle is fully loaded. The basic roof rack is simply secured in the gap between the door and the side panel. It is lockable, thereby deterring any thieves.
    The T-slot allows other lockable transportation systems (such as bike racks, ski racks, ski and snowboard boxes, luggage racks, etc.) to be fitted to the roof rack. The basic roof rack is subjected to rigorous testing for durability, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. The roof rack undergoes the City Crash Test to ensure that it meets the necessary quality criteria. To pass the test, the rack must remain secured to the vehicle body when carrying a load of between 90 and 120 kg and being subjected to overloading of around 12 G for 80 milliseconds.
    Another criterion for passing the City Crash Test is that none of the items being transported becomes detached from the rack. This guarantees maximum safety both for the vehicle‘s occupants and for other road users in front of and behind the vehicle. The basic roof rack‘s load capacity depends on the vehicle‘s maximum permissible roof load (including rack). This can be found in the vehicle‘s documentation.