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  • Skoda Kodiaq Boot Divider

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    Accessories range is a handy accessory that makes it much easier to keep track of what is in the boot dish. Simply slot it into the grooves provided in the raised edging on the dish to create separate compartments for storing whatever you want to take with you. This prevents items from being able to move around freely in the luggage compartment and potentially being damaged when you corner or brake suddenly, for example. The partition can be secured at several points along the length of the dish. If you wish, you can use more than one partition at a time. This aluminium partition allows you to keep items in your boot dish where you can find them at all times. Because it divides the dish into individual compartments, even if you have been driving somewhere in a rush, you can rest assured that you will not have to spend an age searching through items strewn across your luggage compartment. It is important to note that the partition is designed only to organise your boot dish.