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  • Skoda Karoq 19" Crater Brushed Alloy Wheel - Anthracite

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    CRATER brushed alloy wheel in anthracite design 
    The ŠKODA Genuine Accessories product range offers endless exterior and interior customisation options. Items designed to underscore the vehicle´s overall look include, among others, aluminium wheels. Each ŠKODA model comes with a unique, thoroughly designed aluminium wheel collection. Designers, testers, quality experts and other specialists put loads of energy and care in creating such collections, and the extensive portfolio of shapes and colours is guaranteed to offer something for everyone, whether you prefer a sporty look or wish to underline the vehicle´s elegance. Besides their aesthetic function, lightweight alloy wheels boast excellent mass distribution parameters for reduced inertial forces of the rotating wheels and therefore increased acceleration and braking dynamics, and the overall driving comfort is enhanced by reducing the unsprung weight. Cast as a single piece of aluminium alloy, the Crater wheels are covered with a protective layer of extremely hard and fireproof varnish. Each part of the wheel has been put to a series of stringent load tests. As a result, the Crater alloy wheel meets the strictest quality and traffic safety requirements. The look of your new car now depends entirely on your preferences. The possibility of using a particular wheel on a particular vehicle needs to be checked in the vehicle´s MOT certificate. To remove impurities from your lightweight alloy wheels, we recommend using the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories line of detergents. 
    Material: Lightweight alloy